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I am currently working as a full time Frontend Web Developer for a major online restaurant booking platform.

Before deciding to switch careers to technology and web development, I was a reporter for the Jewish Chronicle newspaper in London, and worked as a freelance journalist in Israel and the West Bank.

During the two years I spent split between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, I became fascinated by how I could use online photography and video to tell stories in more meaningful ways. This led me back to London to study for a masters in Digital Journalism.

My final project involved using a drone quadcopter to take aerial video in the Highlands of Scotland, which was nominated for the BBC Student Innovation Award. I built my own static HTML/CSS website to display the work and found the process so satisfying that I eventually decided to make the full transition towards becoming a web developer.

Daniel can be reached at: daniel.easterman[at]gmail.com


A special thanks to the HTML5/CSS3 tutorials of Christoph Anastasiades at his website, http://www.lingulo.com. Drone Journalism UK is to a large degree based on the template and tuition Christoph provides completely free of charge on his website. For this I am grateful.


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