Daniel Easterman

Troubled Land

Photo Essay: Anatomy of a settler price tag attack in Israel's lawless West Bank.

This event took place on my first night during a 10 day stay in the West Bank villages of Madama and Burin, near Nablus. I was embedded with a group of peace activists from the UK who were in the area to help local Palestinians during the olive harvest season.

The photographs and videos were initially self-published online using the Creativist platform and then re-published with additional background information and background in Vice News.

Bilal Eid, the Palestinian land ownner who's home has been requently attacked and vandalised by Israeli settlers from the nearby outpost of Givat Ronen.

Zoomed-in image of settlers carrying assault rifles and rolling large rocks to block the road leading up to Bilal Eid's house. Settlers often carry firearms which are usually issued by the Israeli army.

Soldiers surround Bilal and his friend Munir who acts as a translator and explains in Hebrew what the settlers have just done and that Bilal owns the title deeds to the land.